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Solo Mission

React fast to follow the lights. Get tripped up and it's game over.


Challenge your friends to match the beat of your feet.

Balance Mode

Who's got what it takes to stay on top and keep your cool? Longest time wins.

DJ Challenge

Freestyle to the music and make your own fun.

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

Loads of Fun

This was fun to use and have at home. I ended up bringing to a party and it became the main attraction. Get this, your friends and family will love this.
- Navy Vet

Cool game!

This game is really cool and different. It gets the kids moving and working on balancing. We have played this several times and the kids never seem bored. We love it and I will be buying this and gifting it to others.
- slspt

Super fun and great sensory activity!

This is a fantastic game! Beat Board brings memory, balance, focus and sensory fun all in a single board! Me and my kids were all able to join in with this!
- Mamallama

So fun!

This is so much fun! We played on family game night and had a blast! It's very well made and hours of fun! It supports an average adult weight so adults can play along with their kids. It's awesome for coordination. We played this all weekend!
- Gamommy