The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Kids

Ready for a fun summer with your kids? In between vacations and perhaps some camps, there’s still plenty of time to fill over the summer break. For these times, having a summer bucket list to refer to can be a lifesaver. This list will ideally have activities you can do together without having to do too much planning in advance.
We’ve put together a list of some of our top summer bucket list items to give you some activity ideas to start your own list. Refer to this list whenever you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids, pick an activity from the list, and have fun!

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor activities boost kids' physical health and instill a deep appreciation for nature. Outdoor adventures can range from beach days to park explorations.

Visit the Beach

Heading to the beach is an essential addition to any kids' summer bucket list, promising endless fun in the sun, splashing in the waves, and treasure hunts for seashells along the sandy shores. If a trip to the beach is not possible, don't worry! You can still create beach-like fun by finding a nearby place with sand or using your sandbox at home to build sandcastles and have your own seashell treasure hunt adventure.

Go Camping

Whether you prefer camping, glamping, or something in between, you’ll find a camping destination that matches your camping style. Enjoy bonding time with your family while spending a couple nights under the stars, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories by the campfire.
If you’re just dabbling in camping or planning a camping adventure later in the summer, consider a night of backyard camping to do a trial run. Backyard camping is also a fun alternative if travel isn’t feasible.

Go on a Hike

Hiking is an excellent physical activity that will enable your kids to get plenty of movement. And they’ll discover hidden gems and beautiful scenery along the way, such as birds, trees, and even waterfalls.
For rookies and younger children, gentle trails will be the most rewarding.

Play at Every Park in Your City

Explore all parks in your area, discovering various playsets and vibrant environments. Make it a fun challenge, visiting a new park each week throughout the summer!

Cultural and Educational Experiences

Cultural and educational activities provide an enriching experience over the summer, combining fun with learning. Museums, zoos, and libraries offer great ways for kids to satisfy their sense of curiosity outside the classroom.

Visit Your Local Zoo

A trip to the zoo allows kids to see animal habitats and learn about conservation. To make your trip even more meaningful, choose one creature to research deeply when you get back home.

Visit Your Local Aquarium

See underwater marvels and engage in aquarium educational programs that will be sure to delight your kids.

Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are treasure troves for summer reading adventures. Consider signing up for a summer reading program at your local library to provide some loose structure to your summer reading plans.

Explore A Nearby Museum

Visiting museums during summer months can ignite a love for art, history, and science in your kids. Look for engaging exhibitions or children's programs at nearby museums.

Watch A Matinee at the Theater

Enjoying a matinee is a great way to have an entertaining respite from the summer's sweltering heat.

Visit a National Park

Visiting a national park will introduce your kids to some of our country's natural splendor and rich biodiversity.

Read 100 Books

Set a goal to read 100 books! This is a great way for your kids to entertain themselves while also fortifying their minds, weaving threads of imagination and knowledge together. Include books your kids read on their own, ones you read together, and ones you read on your own in your count. Be sure to have a bookcase or bookshelf to store your summer reads!

Creative and Artistic Activities

Creativity and art play important roles in fostering a child's imagination. Engaging in simple, achievable art projects not only fills their days with fun but also encourages them to explore their creative boundaries.

Make Art in the Park

Bring art supplies to the park and set up an area where you kids can paint or draw while being inspired by their surroundings.

Enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae

Making homemade ice cream or a sundae is always a treat for kids of all ages. To elevate the experience, set up a toppings bar so kids can create the sundae masterpiece of their dreams.

Host or Attend a Barbecue

Organize or attend a barbecue with family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal with the company you enjoy. Include your kids in meal preparation, whether you’re hosting or bringing a dish to a BBQ. This is also a great time for your kids to socialize with their friends or cousins over the summer. If you host your barbecue in your backyard, be sure to have one or more picnic tables for kids so they can enjoy eating in their own special area.

Movie Night Under the Stars

Bring cinema magic to your own backyard and enjoy watching a movie under the stars. All you need is a projector and blankets to create a cozy ambiance. And be sure to have everyone’s favorite movie snacks on hand!

Family Bonding and Fun

Summer provides a lot of opportunities for family and fun. These shared experiences become the stories you’ll recount and cherish for years.

Go on a Road Trip

Planning a road trip lets you explore new places or visit family you don’t get the chance to see often. This can become a new summer tradition and it can be fun to get the kids involved. Show them the route on a map and, if time allows, plan some fun stops along the way.

Learn Something New Together

Learning something new as a family is a wonderful way to spend time together. Consider signing your family up for a cooking or baking class, learning a foreign language, tackling a gardening project, or learning a new card game. The options are endless!

Volunteer in Your Community

Another fun and rewarding activity to add to your summer bucket list is finding a local community service project and volunteering as a family. There are many local parks or beaches that need help to clean up litter. If you love pets, consider visiting an animal shelter and spending some time with the animals.
Make this summer unforgettable! Check off every item on our ultimate bucket list for kids and add some of your own to create memories that will last a lifetime.