Active Play

Besides the benefits of physical exercise, active play promotes balance, muscle development and gross motor skills. From climbers to swing sets, toys that encourage movement are always a go!

Cognitive Play

Encourage kids' inquisitiveness with toys designed to help understand, communicate, remember and solve. Using all their senses, kids can learn and grow.

Imaginative Play

Make believe is a core ingredient to all our toys. Playing pretend helps children explore roles, boost brain power and emulate others, thereby expressing emotions.

Creative Play

Bring out creativity with toys made to spark their souls. Musical instruments, building blocks and art-related items help improve memory and express individuality.

Social Play

Simply being a participant, either parallel or associative, is beneficial to a child's development. Whether a child is watching others interact or engaging face to face, these toys are designed to be shared.


Shop by Skill Development

Shopping for the best child development toys and activities has never been easier. You can shop for kids by skill development with our convenient categories below

Active Play

Shop for toys and activities that help kids with coordination and balance, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Cognitive Play Skills

Foster critical thinking skills, reinforce memory, help kids understand cause and effect and more with these toys and activities

Imaginative Play Skills

Encourage imagination and creativity with these toys and activities that kids love playing with again and again.

Creative Play Skills

Creative play helps develop various skills, including hand-eye coordination, sensory development, imaginative thinking and concentration.

Social Play Skills

Develop your child’s language skills and emotional intelligence, build their confidence and encourage teamwork – all through play - with these toys and activities.

Whether you’re looking for engaging toys for an upcoming birthday, holiday or other special occasion, you’ll enjoy a convenient shopping experience at KidKraft.

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