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Go ahead. Color on
your toys.

Your mom would never have said this. But, you're not your mom. Today's parenting welcomes self-expression and discovery. So does our Designed by Me collection. Use markers, stickers and magnets to create a one-of-a-kind original, just like your child. Our initial lineup includes three dollhouses of various sizes with a unique twist—the décor can be changed or enhanced, resulting in a new look every time.

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Encourage Creativity

Art is a big part of most children’s lives. From an early age, many kids start loving the texture of clay and modeling dough. Fingerpainting is a natural transition. It’s messy, free-spirited and exciting to see the final creation! Then, as soon as little hands can grasp a crayon, the fun really begins. Paper, cardboard, and eek! even walls are all blank canvases in a child’s eyes. Parents then turn to providing mediums to help make drawing and painting easier and readily accessible. Easels with chalkboards or dry erase boards provide instantaneous gratification, as the image can easily be erased and new masterpieces can be created again and again. Rolls of drawing paper can be clipped on at just the right height for little Picassos to begin.

The DIY Era

Today, everywhere you look (we’re pointing at you, Pinterest!), there’s an inspirational project that you just know you can execute. I mean, how hard can it be, right? It looks so easy, and the reward of having done it yourself instead of resorting to buying it outright is a challenge you accept. Kids are no exception. They want a say in how their toys look, and they usually want to modify them in some way, to make them uniquely their own.