Unleash Their Inner Fun: Top Toys That Older Kids Will Love

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Toys for 7 Year Olds

Is it just us or does buying toys for older kids seem way harder than shopping for toddler and preschoolers? They still love pretending, playing outside, and other “kid” things…but also want to be seen as older and more mature. But don’t resort to screen-based gifts just yet! Kids in this range still benefit from toys that promote pretend play, creativity, and physical activity. These are a few of our fav toys for older kids thanks to their perfect blend of little-kid-fun and big-kid-cool.

Best Toys for 7 + Year Olds

Best Outdoor Toy: Cozy Escape Playhouse

Older kids still love having their own “secret” hideaways, but they may be getting a little too tall for smaller playhouses. The Cozy Escape Playhouse is the perfect solution. It’s big enough for a seven year old plus a few friends with room to grow for the next couple of years. The modern design gives it a cool vibe that’s perfect if your child feels a little too old for a cutesy, “kiddish” theme.

Best Arts & Crafts Toy: Art Table with Drying Rack & Storage

Older kids tend to be more focused and ambitious with their art projects, so they’ll appreciate a dedicated space that lets them create and feel like a real artist. This Kids Art Table with Drying Rack & Storage gives them room to get creative with more advanced (i.e. messy!) materials…without getting that mess all over your kitchen table. They’ll have room to store paint and other art supplies, a roll of paper to create masterpiece after masterpiece, and a built-in drying rack. It’s also a great place to tackle tricky homework problems!

Best Building Toy: Clever Creator Activity Table

Older kids love challenging Lego sets, and the Clever Creator Activity Table gives them the perfect place to build, protect, display, and store their creations. They can stand the table up to work sitting or kneeling or collapse the legs to work laying on their stomachs. Either way, their creations will be sturdy and secure on the building surface. And if they want a change of scenery, they can easily transport it from room to room.

Best Backyard Toy for Older Kids: All-in-One Sports Adventure

Want to turn your backyard into an all-out sports arena? Well, maybe it’s not high on your list of to-dos, but we bet your older kid would be all for it! Fortunately, you don’t have to take up a ton of space to help your child play and practice multiple sports from their own backyard. The All-in-One Sports Adventure set combines the kid-favorite features of a traditional playset (like slides, climbing ladders, and play decks) with exciting ways to practice skills for soccer, basketball, football, golf, and baseball. It includes all the balls, nets, goals, bats, and clubs you’ll need plus a basket for storage. Set it up, and it’s official – your backyard is the “cool backyard” to all your kids’ playdate pals.

Best Toy for 7+ Year Old Girls: Zoey Dollhouse

Older girls still love dollhouses, but they often want something a little less bright-and-sparkly and a little more “grown-up”. The Hazel Dollhouse fits the bill with its trendy, chic style, and at just over 4 feet tall, it’s the perfect big dollhouse for big kids! For another style, try the So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse in Boho Naturals. The natural wood and open-frame design make it another great choice for older girls who want a dollhouse that looks modern and cool.

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