The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

Stroll through any toy aisle, and as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says, you’ll find yourself “inundated with all kinds of sensory-stimulating noise and light toys.” With all the flash of electronic toys, it’s easy to overlook the simpler choices. But classics like wooden toys boast clear benefits that continue to make them a great choice for kids and parents alike. Here are a few reasons we make wooden toys a priority here at KidKraft:

They’re Not Overstimulating

Toys with sound effects and flashing lights will definitely grab your toddlers’ attention – but maybe not in the best way. These types of toys are entertaining for a moment but can cause kids to passively observe what the toy does rather than actually engaging in play themselves. They can also overwhelm your child with too many sensory inputs, making them more irritable and less focused. The AAP put it best when they encouraged cargives to “choose toys that are not overstimulating and encourage children to use their imaginations.”

They’re Open-ended & Multifunctional

The simplicity of wooden toys is their strength. Kids have to engage and get creative when they play with them, whether that means building with wooden blocks or playing pretend with a wooden play kitchen or dollhouse. Unlike electronic toys, wooden toys don’t simply entertain. They promote child-directed play, allowing kids to play on their own terms and discover multiple uses for a single toy. These are exactly the type of “simple toy” the AAP says “may be best” for kids.

They’re More Durable

When it comes to durability, quality wooden toys have an edge over most of their plastic counterparts. They’re sturdier and more likely to survive through years of play with your kids. That means less money spent for you and fewer toys in the landfills. Our tips on cleaning your wooden toys can help them last even longer!

They’re Aesthetic

There’s no doubt that wooden toys tend to blend better with your home’s decor than bright plastics – especially when it comes to large toys like dollhouses, play kitchens, and outdoor playsets. While choosing toys shouldn’t be about what looks best on the ‘gram… it doesn’t hurt when a great open-ended toy also happens to look great. Speaking of the ‘gram… you can check out ours to see how parents incorporate KidKraft’s wooden toys into their home’s aesthetic!