Super Bowl Ideas for Kids

7 Super Bowl Ideas for Kids

Whether your crew consists of little football fanatics or kiddos who could care less about the final score, Super Bowl Sunday should be fun for everyone! To give your Super Bowl party the official “fun for the whole family” stamp of approval, check out these seven kid-friendly Super Bowl ideas and get everyone hyped for game day.

1. Super Bowl Bingo

A Bingo Card and some fun, simple prizes are a great way to keep older kids interested in the game – even if football isn’t usually their thing. You can find plenty of free printable Super Bowl-themed Bingo cards. If your kiddo is especially football-adverse, they even have a few Bingo cards just for the Super Bowl commercials.

2. The Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is a kid favorite every year, and it’s as adorable as it sounds. Basically, you’re treated to hours of adorable puppies romping, playing, and snoozing on a miniature football field. Featuring only adoptable shelter pups plus a kitten halftime show, what’s not to love? If your little animal lover needs a break from the football madness in the living room, tune into the Puppy Bowl on another TV or stream it through the new Discovery+ app.

3. Face Painting

Even if your family’s team didn’t make it to the big game, we have a feeling the kids won’t mind getting in the spirit with some face painting anyway. You’ll need red, gold, and white for the Kansas City Chiefs and red, black, and orange for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

4. Paper Football Origami

Remember those little paper footballs you made in elementary school? They make an easy on-theme activity for game day that can keep kids entertained for hours. After teaching the kids how to fold them, let them decorate them, and flick away! You’ll probably see a few cross the screen during the game, but hey, at least they’re having fun, right?

5. A Football Themed Craft Station

Set up your craft table with a few low-maintenance, football-themed crafts to keep the littles entertained. Tailor your ideas according to the ages of the kids who will be at the party. Preschoolers will enjoy threading and stuffing their own paper footballs, and kids of any age love decorating and waving team pennants or cheering into their DIY megaphones.

6. Mascot Dress Up

Both Super Bowl teams make for fun, easy dress up options this year! The Kansas City Chiefs’ mascot is the famous KC Wolf, while the Buccaneers’ mascot is the swashbuckling Captain Fear. A few inexpensive headbands, some gray and pink felt, and hot glue are all you need to DIY some cute wolf ears. For an even cheaper option, modify these paper cat ears from For pirate-themed dress up, have kids create their own paper pirate hats and order these felt eye patches on Amazon for under $5!

7. Snack Duty

Super Bowl Sunday is just as much about food as it is about football. When it comes to Super Bowl snacks for kids, you can’t go wrong with anything that lets them choose toppings and make their own treat. Popcorn bowls, trail mix, and nachos all make for great build-your-own snack bars, but we especially love the idea of an ice cream sundae bar complete with all the toppings.

All together now: Go Team!