How To Create a Kid Friendly Study Desk


School’s in full swing, and if you’ve had trouble finding a homework routine that works, a kid’s study space just might be the ticket to helping your little one focus and get that homework done! Check out our tips for creating a study space your kid actually loves to spend time in!

Get a Kid-Sized Desk

Kids’ desks are more than just cute – they’re ergonomically correct for little bodies. After all, sitting with dangling feet or stretching to reach the tabletop aren't comfy for long, so ideally, your kid’s study desk will be just their size. And if you hate the idea of a plastic eyesore, no worries – all our KidKraft desks come in classic wooden finishes like espresso, ash, natural, and white.

Add a Bluetooth Speaker

Like adults, some kids work best when they’ve got a little soothing background noise. But to keep distractions to a minimum, keep the tablet and laptop out of reach (unless of course they need it for school work) and play beats playlist through a bluetooth speaker.

Decorate It!

Leave this part up to your little student – adding a few personal touches can help give them a sense of ownership over the space and enjoy being in it. Built-in corkboards and whiteboards are perfect for adding their own artwork. A few stickers, picture frames, and small toys are great finishing touches.

Get Some Desk Organizers

An organized desk is a happy desk – especially when it comes to easily distracted kids! But you shouldn’t need much – add a pencil cup and a tray for their folders and spirals, and you’re all set! All KidKraft desks come with built-in organizers plus drawers to hold extra school supplies or their backpack.

Light It Up

If the lighting isn’t great around the desk, be sure to add a small desk lamp or a floor lamp nearby. It really does go a long way in preventing eye strain.

Have Flexible Seating Options

In addition to the chair that comes with your desk set, it’s a good idea to have a few flex seating options nearby as well – i.e. seating options that allows kids to change positions and wiggle a bit as they study. A small yoga ball is one of the most loved and most affordable options. They’ll get to bounce and roll slightly as they read and work, which believe it or not can actually help them focus more!