Toy Storage Ideas for Keeping Playtime Mess Free

Kids Toy Storage Ideas
If you’re like most of us, you thought you’d never be the parent with toys all over the house… only to find out that toys have a way of taking over pretty quickly. But never fear – these simple toy storage ideas will help you organize the playroom, reclaim your living room, and keep playtime (mostly) mess free.

Rotate your child’s toys

First thing’s first. It’s tough for anyone to keep toys organized if all of them are out at once. If you only keep out a select number of toys at a time, both you and your little one will find it much easier to clean up after playtime. You can keep toys that are out of rotation organized in a closet or anywhere your kids won’t have access to them. 

When you notice that they haven’t played with a certain toy in a few days, swap it out for another one. It cuts through the clutter, and your kids are less likely to get bored with their toys overtime!

Simplify rotations with toy caddies

Toy caddies make toy rotations super simple. Keep art supplies and activities with multiple pieces in a caddy. Whenever your child loses interest in one activity, it’s time for a rotation! Swap the caddy that’s out for another one that you have stored in the closet.

Try forward-facing toy bins for easier clean up

Does your kiddo empty out the entire toy box to find one thing? Forward-facing toy bins with multiple small compartments might be your playtime solution. These bins make it easy for kids to find what they want and put it back in place when they’re done. 

Make book storage kid-friendly

Books can take over just as easily as toys, so make a child-friendly book storage solution a priority. Ideally, the bookcase will be small enough that your kiddo can reach the top shelf, empowering them to find what they want and clean up easily.

With preschoolers, books are more likely to stay off the floor if you have a sling bookshelf. Why? It’s tough for kids to find the book they want just by looking at the spines – especially if they can’t read yet. Sling shelves let them see the whole cover of the book and quickly find their favorites. When they’re done, they can easily spot the empty space the book should be returned to. If you can’t fit all of their books in the sling shelf, store the rest in a closet and rotate them every week or so. 

Make your storage work for your space

When it comes to storage ideas for the kids’ rooms where space is often tight, multipurpose solutions make all the difference. Tables with built-in storage for toys or toy boxes that can double as a bench or a cozy reading spot give your child another place to play and free up space in their room. 

Create a no-pressure tidying routine

Once you’ve got your toy storage solutions in place, try to get the kids involved in clean up time each day. Many parents find that a quick cleanup at the same time each day (before bed or right after dinner, for example) helps kids know what to expect, making them less likely to resist helping. 

It’s okay if they aren’t super helpful each time. By modeling the behavior yourself and encouraging them to pick up at least a toy or two, you’ll build habits that pay off overtime.

And don’t forget to give yourself a little grace. Even with the most Pinterest-worthy toy storage ideas, no home is perfect all of the time, and that’s okay. It’s all a part of raising those messy, magical things called kids.