Buying Guide: Toddler Beds

Girl sitting on toddler bed

Move over, crib. Twin-sized bed, wait your turn. Toddler bed? It’s your time to shine. If your little snoozer is looking kind of crammed in their crib or has learned the art of escape, it’s time to make the switch. Our checklist will help you pick a toddler bed that lasts, looks great, and helps your kiddo get a great night’s sleep!


A toddler bed should help your little one safely explore their newfound independence and feel secure as they transition out of their crib. A bed frame that’s low to the ground keeps even the youngest toddlers safe as they climb in and out of bed. While some cribs can transition into toddler beds, they tend to be higher off the ground than regular toddler beds. Investing in a lower toddler bed might be worth it, especially if your child is under two years of age when they switch.


Toddlers are notoriously wiggly sleepers and don’t always have the spatial awareness to keep themselves from falling out of bed. Look for railings that’ll keep your little one safely in bed through the night. For most toddlers,a short partial railing near the headboard does the trick. If you’ve got an extra-wiggly sleeper, you may want to look for rails that come farther down the bed.

Mattress size

Before you make your pick, make sure that your new toddler bed is compatible with your current crib mattress! Bonus tip: don’t forget to flip the crib mattress to the toddler side if you haven’t already. It’s softer than the extra-firm infant side.


Sure, a toddler bed only has to last a few years, but it has to survive the toddler years. Whatever your toddler dishes out, you need a bed that can take it and still keeps them safe night after night. This probably isn’t the time to order from an unknown company on Amazon – especially if you plan to pass the bed down to younger siblings. A brand’s overall reputation and parent reviews are great ways to make sure you’re getting a quality product.


Never underestimate the power of a cool racecar bed. Whatever your little one is into from princesses to firetrucks, choosing a fun, themed bed can make them more excited about their “big kid” bed. Of course, simple classic designs have their advantages too. They probably look more similar to their crib, which might be comforting for your kiddo. They’re classy and cute, and they’re usually gender-neutral enough to work for any kid’s room.

Whatever you’re looking for, KidKraft’s line of toddler beds is time-tested, affordable, and pretty adorable if we say so ourselves. From clean and modern to whimsical and fun, we’ve got a bed that’s perfect for your toddler.