Affordable Playroom Organization Ideas

Affordable Playroom Organization Ideas

It’s easy to get Instagram envy from those posts of beautiful, perfectly organized playrooms, but we’ll let you in on two secrets. 1) Those playrooms definitely get messy too. 2) You don’t have to spend a lot to get your kids’ playroom more organized. Try out some of these tips to clear that clutter on the cheap. From the free to the thrifty to the smart buys, here are seven affordable ways to upgrade your playroom organization!

Toys that Double as Storage

Whether it’s the cabinets in the play kitchen or the baby doll’s crib, make sure to utilize the storage already available in your kids’ toys. Now, we’re not saying the crib should house all your craft supplies, but it’s the perfect spot for baby and her accessories!

Furniture that Does Double Duty

If you’re investing in some kid-sized furniture for your playroom, make sure it’s working double duty as a storage solution too. Shopping for a table and chair set? Look for one with built-in storage. Want to create a cozy reading nook? Get a seat that can double as book storage. The inverse is also true –– if you’re buying a toy box, go for one that also functions as a bench or a reading nook. You’ll save money and leave more space for “the floor is lava.” Priorities, right?

Reading Nook Bookshelf

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizers

If your playroom has a closet, make use of the back of the door with a hanging shoe organizer. You add almost any small toy, but we especially love it for dolls and their accessories. (Because we all know Barbie has a bad habit of losing her shoes, and her hair gets wild when she’s stuffed into a toy box.)

Small Toy Bin Units

Don’t get us wrong, we love toy boxes. But small, open toy bin units make a world of difference in keeping the playroom clean. You can separate and organize toys by category, and kids can see what they want without digging through a million other toys first. Removable bins make clean up easier too! With units starting at under $50, these little lifesavers fit into almost any budget.

storage unit

Toy Caddies

We’re pretty sure it’s a law of nature that every kid has a favorite set of toys that get carried and scattered all around the house. We can’t tame that tendency (and wouldn’t want to anyway!), but toy caddies with handles can make the transporting a little less messy. Plus, when the kids are done playing, these caddies look tidy and cute anywhere in the playroom.

Ribbons for Kids’ Artwork

Some thick ribbons, thumbtacks, and clothespins are all you need for a cute and organized display or your little artist's latest masterpieces.

Laundry Bags for Puzzle Pieces

We don’t know who thought of it first, but using mesh laundry bags to store puzzle pieces is a game-changer. They’re more durable than clear plastic bags, and since they’re still see-through, the kids can find the puzzle they want without dumping the contents of every bag.