10 Picnic Ideas for Your Toddler

Kids eating popsicles on KidKraft outdoor table

Summers are for picnics! They’re a low-cost way to have fun outdoors and make your toddler’s normal routine a little more exciting. And while packing up lunch, diaper bags, and a toddler might seem tough, you’ll be a picnicking-with-a-toddler pro in no time with these 10 tips!

Let Them Help Out With Prep

Whether it’s pouring ice into the ice chest, putting lids on containers, or stirring up some potato salad, your toddler will probably jump at the chance to help out – especially if they know it’s for the picnic!

Let Them Pack Their Own Pretend Picnics

This is another great way to get them excited for the real thing… or a way to relive the fun after your picnic is over! You can cook and prep in their play kitchen, pack a blanket and pretend food into a picnic basket, and then set off for a pretend picnic in another room of the house!

Invite Some Toys

What’s cuter than a toddler on a picnic blanket? A toddler and a few of their favorite stuffed animals on a picnic blanket. Pack a few favorite dolls and plushies to enjoy the picnic with you. It’ll make for adorable pictures and great pretend play opportunities to keep your little one entertained. You can even pack them their own meal with pretend food from your toddler’s play kitchen!

Make Frozen Grape Freezer Packs

Frozen grapes are delicious and refreshing on a hot summer’s day, and they’ll double as an ice pack to keep the rest of your food cool! Of course, be sure to cut them in half or quarters before freezing to avoid the choking hazard!

Get Fancy with Finger Sandwiches

For your toddler, picnicking is probably much more about the novelty of the experience than about eating, so don’t feel pressure to make a gourmet spread. Their everyday favorite foods will do just fine! Still, it’s fun to make your usual snacks a little extra fancy for your picnic. So instead of your typical, PB&J or ham-and-cheese try cutting them into finger sandwiches. They’ll look cute enough for afternoon tea but they’ll still be the same sammie your kid knows and loves – perfect for picky eaters!

Kebab Everything

Kebabs are another great way to add some fun to foods your kids already love. Get a pack of skewers and load them up with fruit, cheese cubes, even chicken nuggets… the possibilities are really endless! This is definitely one of those prep activities your toddler will love to help out with. Of course, pointy skewers in toddler’s hands can be scary, so be sure to supervise as your toddler is helping or eating.

Make it a Breakfast Picnic

We usually associate picnics with lunch, but there’s no reason you can’t plan a breakfast picnic instead. The weather will be a little cooler, and you won’t be too close to nap time!