Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids the Whole Family Will Love

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids the Whole Family Will Love

Need some kid-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas that don’t involve tons of sugar, money, or prep time? We’ve got you covered. Share the love with the whole family this year with these cheap and easy Valentine's Day ideas for kids!

Valentine’s Sensory Bins

Dyed rice and heart-shaped knick-knacks make for adorable toddler-friendly sensory bins. Add some different spoons, tongs, and tools for scooping and pouring, and preschoolers of all ages will engage with this fun sensory experience! If you want even more ideas, check out this round-up of Valentine’s Day sensory bins from Kindergarten Connection. Older kids will love the added challenge of the math and reading-themed bins.

Valentine Cards

Is it really even Valentine’s Day without some delightfully messy homemade cards? While the packs of pre-made Valentines are great for class parties, your kids will love making their own grandparents, siblings, and other loved ones. If your kiddos can’t write yet, prompt them with a few questions and write down their answers. “What’s your favorite thing about Grandma?” “If you had a million dollars, what would you buy Daddy for Valentine’s Day?” They’re sure to have some cute answers that make for great keepsakes. Decorate with stickers, finger paint, and (if you dare) glitter.

Heart Envelopes

Once those little love notes are complete, wrap them up in these DIY heart-shaped envelopes. The envelopes can double as the Valentine itself if your kids write their messages in the center!

Valentine’s Reading Hour

There are plenty of Valentine’s-themed kid books out there, and your local library probably has plenty to spare! If you can’t browse in person due to social distancing rules, search the online catalog and place some reservations for pickup.

Cookie Cutter Everything

Those heart-shaped cookie cutters are good for a lot more than just baking sugar cookies (though we suggest you do that too!). We love that they’re a cheap, effortless way to add a little Valentine’s theme to the activities you already have. They can double as stencils and paint “stamps,” and they’re great for playdough. Or add a few to your little one’s play kitchen for some Valentine’s themed pretend baking (just be sure that the edges aren’t too sharp!)

Family Date Night

Who says candle-lit dinners are just for the grown-ups? Break out that tablecloth, set the table with flowers and candles, and play the cheesiest playlist you can find on Spotify. Serve up the kids’ favorites (even if that means decidedly non-fancy things like grilled cheese and pizza bagels), and celebrate the love you share as a family! For dessert? You can’t go wrong with anything covered in chocolate.

However you end up celebrating, as long as your little Valentines know they’re loved, that’s a successful V Day in our book!