Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

When snow unexpectedly closes the doors of your daycare or preschool, keeping your toddler entertained through the entire day can be tough.You’re stuck inside, and since the roads are probably not safe enough to go grab supplies for new activities, that leaves you with what you already have in the house! To keep you all warm, cozy, and sane, here are some simple snow day toddler activities that add new fun to old toys and supplies!

Snow Sensory Bins

Your typical sensory bin… but snowy! Use all your usual fillers and tools but add a few scoops of snow from outside. It’s a great way to let kids have fun playing with the snow without actually having to be out in the cold. If you plan to use rice or beans in your sensory bin, just keep in mind that you’ll probably have to throw that batch out after it gets wet from the snow.

Animal Rescue

Find some of your toddler’s small plastic animal toys (or any small plastic toy) and some masking or painter’s tape. Tape them to a craft table, the floor, or the wall. Then, give your toddler a mission: rescue all the animals! You can criss-cross several pieces to make it tougher for older kids, or leave it simple for younger toddlers.

Tape “Obstacle” Courses

Tape to the rescue once again. Place lines of painter’s tape on the floor throughout the house and have the kids run along the lines. Leave gaps for them to jump over, swirlys for them to spin around in, and – if they can recognize shapes and follow instructions – place a few extra “shape challenges” on your course like jumping up and down in triangles and crawling over any squares. Older toddlers will probably love creating their own courses too, so hand over that roll of tape if you’re brave enough and see what they come up with.

Kitchen DIYs

Whether it’s whipping up some chickpea play foam, making baking soda “volcanoes” in jars, or mixing your own finger paint, your kitchen is a treasure trove of new activities (with a little supervision of course.) Our favorites are ones that give the kids something new to play with even after the activity is done like homemade play dough. Once the dough is ready to go, they can take it to their play kitchen and “bake” the day away with cookie cutters and a rolling pin.


This does not have to be fancy. Use whatever you have on hand. You can make cards for family and friends with construction paper, do some finger painting, or make necklaces with yarn and cereal or macaroni. One idea they’re likely to love is “snow day” themed crafts they can decorate their room or the playroom with. Just cut out some snowflakes, string them together, and hang them up!

Bath Time Fun

Who says you can’t take three baths in one day? Seriously though, water play is often a magical “reset” button for a grumpy toddler, so fill up the bathtub and add a few new elements to make it extra fun. This can be as simple as letting them wear their swimsuits for indoor “swimming” or running a bubble bath. To add some novelty, add plastic toys that are safe for the tub but aren't usually bath toys or any bathtub paint or crayons you have on hand. We love the ideas of using the large, toddler size plastic building blocks in the tub to build floating structures!

Fort Building

Blanket and couch cushion forts are an old standby! Make them even more fun by incorporating some toys. You can create tunnels and caves to drive their train sets through or secret hideouts for their dolls and stuffies.