Nerf Kids Toys

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If you constantly find Nerf darts in the most random places in your house, we have some outdoor toys that just might help you reclaim your home… and amp up the Nerf competition even more! The Nerf Scout Defense Post, Nerf Geo Strike Headquarters, and Nerf Command Base Battle Fort let you turn your backyard into the ultimate Nerf battle zone. Here’s what you should know to pick the Nerf outpost that’s right for your yard and family!

Nerf Scout Defense Post

The Nerf Scout Defense Post measures around 50" wide, 54", long, and 96" tall, making it a great choice for even small yards. The defense post features multiple places for kids to hide, shield themselves, and get a great vantage point to aim their Nerf blasters. They can bide their time inside the tee-pee like area or duck for cover and crawl to safety in the tunnel.

Then they can climb the rock wall or rappelling wall to take the high ground on the upper deck where they can hide behind plastic defense shields.

Multiple targets and storage spaces for blasters and darts complete the Nerf fun!

Nerf Geo Strike Headquarters

With a geodesic dome complete with a satellite dish and working periscope, the Nerf Geo Strike Headquarters has a spy-headquarters vibe that adds an instant cool factor to any yard. At 73” x 67” x 60,” it’s a great fit for most yards. Kids can aim from multiple windows or get super sneaky and plan an ambush from the tunnel. Spinning targets make practice challenging and fun, and with multiple places to store blasters and darts, they’ll never run out of ammo!

Nerf Command Base Battle Fort

The Nerf Command Base Battle Fort was Nominated as an Outdoor Toy of the Year for the 2022 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards, and it’s easy to see why. It combines the fun of an outdoor playset with the rush of an all-out Nerf battle! If the adults in your house love to get in on the Nerf wars too, the Command Base Battle Fort is the one for you! This set measures 175" x 66” x 98", so it’s big enough for the whole family to get in on the fun. Sharpen skills on the multiple targets and then get to the battle!

Bridges, ladders, gangplanks, and rock walls offer multiple ways to climb to the second story where plastic defense shields offer a great tactical advantage. Take cover on the lower level and bust through the trap door for a surprise attack! When the Nerf battles are over, keep all your blasters and darts organized in the built-in storage spaces.

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