Modern Playhouse Decor Ideas

Girl playing with dolls in front of dollhouse

We firmly believe that a kid’s playhouse does not have to be an eyesore. Whether the playhouse is in your backyard or in your playroom, you should love looking at it as much as your kids love playing in it! To help you achieve that Insta-worthy modern playhouse we’ve gathered some of our favorite playhouse design ideas from parents like you!

Plants & Wreaths


Adding greenery is one of the simplest and most common interior design tips – and it works wonders for a playhouse too! Try arranging a few potted plants around the door or on the windowsill, hanging a wreath on the door, or adding flowers to the planter boxes beneath the windows. Whether they’re real or artificial, the plants will give the playhouse a bright, inviting vibe. For inspiration, see this greenery glow-up of our Forestview II Playhouse from @allisonmannella.

Go Bold & Bright


There’s no doubt that white and pastels are having a moment in modern design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for bright, bold colors with your playset. This blue and lime green paint job on our Modern Outdoor Playhouse still looks exceptionally modern thanks to the black trim and simple accessories like the mailbox, address sign, and door handle. Plus, what kid doesn’t love bright colors?

Or Bright & White


If bright, bold colors don’t exactly fit your decor tastes, opt for bright and white instead. A white paint job provides a clean, crisp background for your decor ideas, and it photographs beautifully! You can paint most wooden playhouses, or just opt for our Modern Outdoor Playhouse in white if you’d rather skip the painting altogether!

Make the Door Your Own


We get it – a full-out paint job is not everyone’s thing. But you can still make your playhouse look like a DIY masterpiece by adding a quick coat of paint to the door. The door itself is so small, we promise painting it will feel like a breeze. You can customize it even more by installing a new door handle, a knocker, or address numbers. We love this rosy pink door with a sleek gold handle on our Modern Outdoor Playhouse!

Start with a Playhouse You Love

Giving your little one’s playset a modern, trendy vibe is a lot easier if you start off with a playset that already has a modern design in mind. That means skipping loud plastic and opting for more natural materials that can be painted and customized. KidKraft’s outdoor wooden playsets are perfect both for ambitious DIYers and those who’d rather keep their decorating simple and quick. By starting with the sleek, clean lines and natural wood finishes of KidKraft playhouse, you already have a trendy, modern base for your decor ideas.

Some of our top choices for parents looking for modern decor are the Modern Outdoor Playhouse (no surprise there!), the Scenic View Playhouse, and the new Hobby Workshop Wooden Playhouse. Be sure to browse all of our playhouses before you decide, and keep an eye on our Instagram for even more modern decor ideas from parents like you!