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McKinley Wooden Swing Set / Playset

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Âges: 3-10 ans

McKinley Wooden Swing Set / Playset

Even a smaller back yard can be big fun with the McKinley Play / Swing Set by KidKraft. Accommodating up to nine energetic kids, McKinley packs maximum wow-power into minimum space. The deep high-rail wave slide proves bumpy rides are the best. And the innovative rockwall ladder goads young mountaineers to new heights (aka the upper clubhouse), while two sturdy belt swings and a gymnastic acro bar prompt young high-fliers to reach for the sky. Meanwhile, the detail-rich two-story clubhouse provides nonstop entertainment with its own play kitchen, including stove, sink and utensil shelf with accessories. There’s also a play phone, clock with moveable hands, a mailbox with working flag, and a functional front door. McKinley features lots for adults to love, too, like high-quality cedar lumber, a gabled shiplap roof with faux stone chimney and premium swing components that make safety a priority. When you’re short on acreage but long on playtime, McKinley goes the extra mile.
Maximum weight of 110 lb. per child

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      Dimensions: 171 x 137" x 114"
      Materials: Cedar Wood, Plastic, Hardware
        UPC: 875257049504
        Obstacle Free Safety Zone: 26’-3” x 28’

      Additional Dimensions:
      • Deck Size: 41.5" x 41.5"
      • Deck Height: 48"
      • Deck to Peak: 64.75"
      • Slide: 85" x 16.5" x 48"
      • Swing Beam Length: 88"
      • Ground to Swing Beam Height: 81.63"
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